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Curriculum Coordinator Kiriko KAWANO

Kiriko Kawano graduated from the Department of Education at Kyushu University. She is chairperson of NPO International exchange network FAN. She is an experienced teacher and curriculum coordinator and has worked in several Japanese language schools. She worked as teacher trainer in the Japanese teacher training course at a university.
Her published work includes “Katakana Surasura 10 minutes a day” published by 3A Network Publishing.


Q You are very experienced in Japanese education. Please tell me about your career as a Japanese teacher.
A I started my career at a Japanese language school in Fukuoka. At that time, there were only few Japanese language schools in Fukuoka, and so we Japanese teachers were privileged to learn the “Naganuma Direct Method” from experts. This Naganuma Direct Method is one of the basic Japanese educational methods used in AILA. From 1997, I worked at Golden Eagle Japanese language school (the predecessor of the present AILA) for five years. I taught to students from China, Taiwan and Korea. Up until now, I have taught more than 1000 students from around 20countries including USA, Canada, Australia, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam and other European countries.
Q What is the most important thing in learning Japanese?
A The key words are to "use the language as a tool of communication.” This should always be kept in mind. In order to achieve this, learning words, grammar and reading is not enough. You should also acquire knowledge of Japanese culture, customs and the Japanese way of thinking.
Q What are the merits of learning Japanese in Fukuoka?
A Fukuoka is the best place to learn.
The reasons are as below:
  1. There are few disasters such as typhoons or earthquakes.
  2. The size of this city is just right for enjoying urban life. Prices are low, and the food is fresh and delicious.
  3. Fukuoka is very accepting towards foreign students. From ancient times, Fukuoka has been one of the major gateways to the rest of Asia. This is why the people of Fukuoka are fond of foreigners.
  4. In May1st 2014, Fukuoka was selected as one of the National Strategic Zones.
    Because of this, more economic development is expected in the future.
Q What is the distinguishing educational feature of AILA?
A AILA uses the direct method in instructing Japanese. This will enable you to actually communicate in Japanese only three months after your visit.